The Journey was more then just the Trip.

The sketching video you I’ll get it below.

In the place of life and death, where we talk with the bones and with flesh, My friend, in flip gave me the thought of trip, whispering in ear, holding my shoulder in his grip

Some were excited, some were doubted, some denied because of instances, some left behind by appaling circumstances, we were bunch of people started the journey, some were strangers well its was irony!!

The french Riviera of the east, we have reached our destiny before the dawn atleast.

Amusing were the beaches we explored, we were exited whole heartedly and that feeling cant be faded soo easily. All enjoyed in ocean like baby Pinnipeds, some came to pondy just to taste some squids.

As the sun was drowning, city was about to sleep, pub life pulled us to drink, dance and to be freak, some drank the wine, some danced out of order with lyrical line, some were busy taking the pics, we enjoyed the moment, with all the songs mix.

The Journey again started, the night in traveler was like animal we mounted, were we destined to “gift of the forests”, we were dancing all the night, then truth or dare i played it right.

Delighted by the games there were shooting,hitting and the horror house, Rafting the boat at the evening, quality moment with friends we spent it like blissful spring.

With the lake nearby, all were cycling, after many years of time, the feeling was soothing and the moment was mine, I closed my eyes, brain waves, gave me flash of childhood days , i say i cried, i prayed to god, bring my childhood back, oh!!! Lord…..oh!!! Lord

The journey was not the destiny, the strangers became the closest friends in that flip. the title is not mine but journey was just more then the trip.


Dedicated to my friends and our trip group

Journey#Me_ to_us#

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