Doctor, Diety to sick, god for both poor and rich.

The Decade of dedication and struggle, with lots of failure and full of troubles, with the torture of superiors, stress of exams or seniors, He is the idol of true endurance and perseverances

The seasons past beneath, and days fades away in leap, Books turns out to be wrinked and obsolete, the decade of medicine he studied in vain turns out even thats incomplete

He is grinded, He is sharpened, He is made to be elite, elite to save the life and bring the hope of light.

I wonder from where this selfless trait arouse? The suffering of Diseased, shedding of tears begging him for the life of your dears, Make him understand horizon of death, keeping beneath all his fears.

With his bread left behind, For his loved ones, he has no time, others can sleep in comfort and calm, he should be awake to save the life, checking vitals holding. wrist and palm

He is beaten, he is stoned, he is humiliated, he is killed, he fears no death, Still he stand strong, save the life of sick untill his last breath.

He is diety to sick, and god to poor and rich, He masks all his struggle and sorrow in the blush of empathy, to unmasks your suffering without any pity any sympathy

He treats the sufferers, he make pain and suffering disappears, He dedicates his life healing sick, both when days are normal or in pandemic making his life vulnerable at high risk.

Death has the rule of equality, both him and humans are treated with equity.

But, Death turns partial in his role, as he fights with death not for his life but others soul,

Death come to him with its face withering in guilt, waving away its role, Death in sorrow mourn’s his only soul.


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