Serene tears of the solace

Always, I float in the sea of emotions so i can be myself, not in realm of delusion

The fear i have buried inside me, is deeper then the lengths of Pascific sea, i was aghast that the world would find the secrets for its key.

Key to the deeper me, yes there is darkness, anger, jealousy, devil inside me,

I wonder even though i know i am broken inside, why that pain is unseen to me

I laugh to keep my darkness buried,I cry in the dark, but i know, it dont let the happiness and moments to embark.

Yes i am always anguish….Because Darkness always Replenishes in me its never gets extinguish

I donno how to get happy now….yes i sometimes have blissfull joy some how

But, now i know, The tears that flow, are the cure for all the agony and mourning we show

The Melancholy in life will perish you to death not to grace…..

Let your tears flow in peace, it can help you with your grief, I wish i knew this always,

So i titled the poetry

…………………..The serene tears of the solace……………………

Thank u

Please comment, share, like my work

Caution: There is one phase in life that everyone will go through so please dont judge me by my poetry.

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