Lifestyle is the different interests and opinions, behaviours of a individual for activities which give us happiness, pleasure and recreational values they typically represent ones individuality.

  1. Travelling

Travelling is the one of the best experience of your life and it makes you open about what’s the reality and real things going out in the world, most of the time you explore yourself by some means. Travelling makes your mind relaxed and will help you focus on what you really want by life.

Travelling would be for tourism, vacation, for research travelling, trade etc the main motives of travelling will be pleasure, relaxation, Discovery and exploration and inter cultural communication.Travelling with your friends or family will help you mend your relationships with them and travelling solo will help you discover yourself.

2. Sports

We play sports for fun, physical fitness and recreation there are different types of sports and activities which improve physical ability and skills while providing enjoyment to participants, and in some cases, entertainment for spectators.

A number of competitive, but non-physical, activities claim recognition as mind sports The inclusion of mind sports within sport definitions has not been universally accepted, leading to legal challenges from governing bodies in regards to being denied funding available to sports.

SportAccord uses the following criteria, determining that a sport should

  • Have an element of competition
  • Be in no way harmful to any living creature
  • Not rely on equipment provided by a single supplier (excluding proprietary games such as arena football)
  • Not rely on any “luck” element specifically designed into the sport.

3. Singing

Singing is the not just a art it is expression of your feelings with music which is very pleasing and sometimes entertaining.Singing has been in various forms from a very ancient times. Singing is becoming more popular nowadays due to improvised technology, social media and opportunities,

As said Excellence in singing requires time, dedication, instruction and regular practice. It is not completely true though if you are good at singing and it is natural to you then you don’t need any instruction or that you are perfect.Its an art and cannot be forced by some one to pop out of nowhere in the brain.



Writing is just reflection of your Mind through words.Writing is not everyone’s cup of coffee it requires a good vacoubulary,great usage of words and etc.
Few people write because it’s their passion and few to earn because it is their life and few just enjoy writing.Though many keep writing only very few of those will finally become great works . Using perfect words and the idea of putting their views into words is really wonderful though difficult.
Writing includes from fictions which one writes imagining to writing the event which becomes history everything and from poems to express their feelings  fearlessly to criticizing it mercilessly, everything is a part of literature.

5.DANCINGDancing is not just moving your body it’s art of purposefully sequenced human movements. People dance out of happiness, sadness, agressiveness to throw out their internal dilemma. People dance to entertain others, to show their culture or history .Dancing to the music you love would give you the best pleasure in the world.For those who love dancing as soon as there is a music their heart throbes to dance every step has its own style, importance, and feel.